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Tanvir Hasan


Tanvir Hasan

About Me

Hi, I'm Tanvir Hasan.

I’m a Professional UI/UX Designer and Brand Logo Designer. I have been working successfully in this sector for almost four years. I have experience working with different clients. I love meeting newcomers the most and learning about client projects and solving problems. I always try to give my best service to my client’s project. Thank you 😊

Enjoy My Design Quality

My Previous Works

Some of my previous works. When I did it successfully. So enjoy my designs.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

Create a Modern iOS & Android App UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design | eCommerce App | Medical App | Business App | Education App | Travel App | Food App | Courier App | Others App

Create your Web Design, WordPress & Web Development

UI/UX Design | eCommerce Website | Medical Website | Business Website | Education Website | Travel Website | Food Website | Others Website

Dashboard UI UX Design

Enjoy My Client Reviews

Client Reviews😍

Experience working with many clients. Some reviews of my satisfied clients.

Tanviro was wonderful to work with 😍 He responded quickly to all my notes, asked relevant questions to understand my goals, and offered many beautiful creative options. Tanviro was kind, responsive, attentive and able to create amazing that I truly love. I highly recommend Tanviro.

Client Logo
Inely Cesna CEO & Founder | USA

As luck would have it, Tanviro was the first designer who responded to my brief and after over 150 submissions, his design was selected. He was responsive to the request and personable. I highly recommend his work. He came up with a concept that is vers.

Client Logo
Fiore Davoli Strategy Associate | USA

Tanviro is very Creative Designer. He made Brand Logo for my venture Nisarga. I'm satisfied with the way he works. Most importantly he never denies to modify the logo untill my satisfaction. I will recommended you to take his service if needed.

Client Logo
Nisarga Limited Business Man | BD

The process was seamless i'm satisfied! They were quick, responsive, and understood what I needed. They got my logo to me in just a few option 😊 I They always provide excellent results.

Client Logo
Sanesh Mistry Account Manager | UK

In one word the "Tanviro" designer is exceptional by his designs thought..I really appreciate their design sense and artistic thoughts..If here is an option of 100 stars then I will give them all..Thanks a lot "Tanviro" for giving such a good service..

Client Logo
BlackStone Online Business | BD

Tanviro has done an exceptional job at building our Mobile App Design and getting them to where they need to be today 😘 Their knowledge, timeliness, and thoroughness set them apart. So I'm happy with tanviro.

Client Logo
Jim Squires Business & Media | UK

We had such a great experience working with Tanviro on our website. Tanviro's team did a wonderful job working with us on the design, building our extremely complex site, and answering all kinds of questions along the way. Plus, it was all within our budget – a win/win!

Client Logo
Nicholas Goglio Business Director | CAD

Thanks so much for doing such a great job, Tanviro! Everyone is loving the site. 🙂 It was truly a pleasure working with you all. I'd be very happy to recommend you to others (people have already asked!) and of course, I hope we get to work together again in the future.

Client Logo
Josh Chisnall Strategy Associate | London

Tanviro did a wonderful job on our company website! They were fast and professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for quality web design. GREAT job!! Thanks so much

Client Logo
Tom Ryan ESCP | J.P. Morgan | UK

Tanviro is perhaps the most professional and nicest experience I've heard had in the design market❤️ I would highly recommend him for any of your company's or individual needs, and I personally plan on using him for any other projects that come up either professionally or personally! Thanks so much!!🥰

Client Logo
iTevs Digital Solution Digital Agency | BD

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